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Our Beta program is an opportunity to place your website behind our SharkGate Cyber Protection and get a glimpse of the future of cybersecurity.

As part of the Beta, your site will be protected using the SharkGate A.I (“Deep Sea”) and the SharkGate Website Threat Defence Database (“WTDD”). Our site incentivization via tokenomics isn’t currently part of the Beta but rest assured it will be rolled out with our main launch.

By taking part in the BETA, it means you are joining us on the front line of this security movement. Moving into a new era where all websites work together to keep each other safe. Now is the time to stand up, to be counted and fight back against the hackers. Are you ready to be enlisted?

Good. Welcome aboard. Click the ‘Sign Up Now’ button below to go to our dashboard, register your site and let’s get to work.

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18th March 2022


31st May 2022

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There is no denying there is a desperate need for a new way to protect sites from hackers. Think about how Google transformed the search economy. Think how Uber and Airbnb transformed their sectors and brought untold easy to customers lives. SharkGate will do the same for website cybersecurity. Further information to help participants understand the existing crisis and our solution to the problem can be found in our whitepaper