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Free Plan

  • For people with personal or hobby websites and blogs
    • Block Bad Bots
    • Monthly Protection Updates
  • Basic Cover

    Stay ahead of bad bot attacks with our monthly updated website protection, including 1000’s of blocked attacks daily with our free version

Professional Plan

  • For professional websites that aren’t business critical
    • Block Bad Bots
    • Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Hacker Defense
    • Basic DDoS protection
    • Weekly Protection Updates
  • Premium Protection

    Ensure your website’s safety with our comprehensive professional protection package, including cutting-edge AI security measures to block all Hackers and Bad Bots.

Business Plan

  • For online businesses that need to ensure their website is safe from attacks
    • Block Bad Bots
    • Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Hacker Defense
    • Unbeatable DDoS protection
    • Continuous Vulnerability Scan: Identify weaknesses and upgrade your site’s security
    • Hourly Protection Updates
  • The Ultimate Protection

    The COMPLETE security solution for online businesses, including up-to-the-hour protection rule updates, specialized hacker blocking, advanced AI algorithms, and DDoS protection. Plus a continuous Vulnerability Scan feature to upgrade your site’s security for optimal protection.


Our firewall is currently protecting thousands of customers across four continents. The following is a small subset of the hosting companies that host websites we are protecting. Our team works daily with these large hosting companies and a rapidly growing number of them recommend our service to their customers to keep their websites clean.