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Average website speed up of over 50%

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Protecting Small And Medium Sized Businesses World Wide

Blocking millions of attacks daily and turbo charging websites, SharkGate is independently tested to provide robust and World Class Website Security for any Business Website.

Cloud Based Website Security
Stop the hackers from attacking your website, full ongoing protection

When it comes to protecting your business revenue, blocking the constant attack of malicious bots and hackers from attacking your website means everything. SharkGate protection enables you to have the peace of mind that your website is protected by a leading cloud based firewall. With it’s advanced bot detection and access control technologies it protects any website against known and emerging web application threats.

Accelerate The Speed Of Your Website
Automatically increase the speed of your site by up to 200%

Website speed means everything – after all, users won’t stay on a slow site. SharkGate automatically removes performance issues and bottlenecks from your site greatly enhancing your existing website’s speed.On top of the optimisations, SharkGate automatically adds a Global CDN service to your website. This enables it to provide cache of some static content on your site on it’s worldwide network of data centres. On average, websites using SharkGates CDN are 50% faster than before.

Optimised For Mobiles & Improved SEO
Optimising your site for mobile devices and your fast site now gets a higher search ranking

SharkGate detects  your visitors device ( mobile, tablet, desktop, etc) and ensures your sites content is optimised for their screen size and connection speed. Search engines like Google and Bing love a faster site and so your new turbo charged site will rank higher in search engines.

Protect My Site Against All Future Attacks!

Protect My Website


Providing enterprise-class security for any website. SharkGate reduces the time, effort and cost of securing business websites. It is a cloud-based protective layer that repels malicious users from exploiting website vulnerabilities. SharkGate can protect any website, regardless of its size, hosting or platform.

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