Slush 2019 – It was a blast!

We are all here collectively coming down from a high called Slush !

And although the self deprecating Finns will, in their dry humor say that only a weirdo would come over to Helsinki in November – it was definitely worth it – so call us weirdos! The atmosphere and good spirit is contagious.

We’ve set up the booth still feeling a bit sleepy from late night flights… and before we knew it the rush started.

What caught the eye of most of our visitors was a real time map of live malicious attacks against websites we are currently tracking.

SharkGate Worldmap

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our roadmap and projects currently in development. We also presented our vision of the future of website security – we detailed some revolutionary changes there that will change how websites learn and adapt to new attacks which is totally unique to SharkGate.

Have we said it was a blast !

But Slush is more than startups pitching ideas, It’s a beautiful place to meet and mingle – to get inspired and feed off the creative energy of like minded companies and entrepreneurs.

On the final evening we ended with the infamous ‘Sharkgate Washup’ – a party for the tired and weary to discuss other things than just work. Amazing to see so many people with our SharkGate stickers dancing their troubles away in the beautiful Teatteribaari.

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There is no denying there is a desperate need for a new way to protect sites from hackers. Think about how Google transformed the search economy. Think about how Uber and Airbnb transformed their sectors. SharkGate is now doing the same for website cybersecurity. Further information about the existing crisis and our solution to the problem can be found in our whitepaper.


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