The SharkGate Plugin

Solution: Part 1 of 3

Ecosystem – Part 1

The SharkGate Ecosystem protects websites against current and next-generation cyber threats. The core components of the Ecosystem are:

  • SharkGate Security Plugin For Websites (“SharkGate Plugin”)
  • SharkGate Website Threat Defence Database (“WTDD”)
  • SharkGate blockchain-based AI (“Deep Sea”)

These 3 components form the basis of our unique approach exclusively dedicated to protecting websites and constantly evolving the ecosystem for website cyber threat protection. This Ecosystem will finally provide the solution to protect websites against current and next-generation threats.

In this post we will describe the first of these parts “The SharkGate Plugin”.

The SharkGate Plugin

SharkGate Security Plugin For Websites

Our soon to be released “SharkGate plugin” is an agent that acts as a websites primary endpoint protection. It identifies and blocks attacks as well as acting as a provider of consolidated attack data and processing power to the Ecosystem.

The SharkGate Plugin is powered by the blockchain using the collective intelligence of the SharkGate AI (“Deep Sea”) and the SharkGate Website Threat Defence Database (“WTDD”). It also compliments these by having its own personal AI dedicated to learning and protecting your website. From the moment it is first installed it provides a website with a very high level of hacker protection and then continually grows smarter and better at protecting against attacks as more traffic is analyzed.

As well as providing unrivaled hacker protection the plugin also works as an ‘always on’ malware scanner, continually monitoring in case any malicious infection is placed on the site. Our experience with the current centralised SharkGate firewall (that is already protecting many thousands of sites Worldwide) is that it is key to still be scanning a site regularly for infection even when it is behind a firewall due to issues such as cross-site contamination. This is when a site is negatively affected by neighboring sites within the same server due to poor isolation on the server or account configuration. Cross-site contamination is one of the greatest contributors to the shared hosting secure or insecure debate.

Simple to Use

The plugin provides a full security dashboard that offers features such as, but not limited to..

  • A real-time view giving visibility of all traffic and hack attempts on the site

  • Scan results and alerts of any potentially malicious files found
  • A Site Uptime monitor
  • A Site backup facility (database and files to IPFS)
  • A marketplace showing “Extensions” created by 3rd party security vendors that can be enabled to add extra security solutions to the site. Examples would be a security audit tool, reCaptcha, 2FA login, etc. Users are incentivized to rate and review extensions by tokens provided as rewards to the users for adding value to the network. Extensions can utilize the power of SharkGate ecosystem by accessing the WTDD. Providers must also engage with the SharkGate tokenomics and pass strict consensus tests to be allowed on the marketplace.

Easy to Install

The endpoint protection for sites is packaged as an easy to install plugin, thus lowering the barrier to entry to protect a site. The plugins will be distributed via all the official plugin directories for each type of website. For example for a WordPress website, the plugin will be found from the official WordPress plugin directory and can be easily installed in just a handful of clicks.

Token Model

The SharkGate Plugin can be installed as a freemium product. In the freemium mode, it has the 24×7 scanning service active, analyses all traffic to the site, performs AI analysis and contributes value to the distributed network in the form of consolidated attack data. So even in freemium mode websites can contribute to the ecosystem and be rewarded for the value they create. No personally identifiable information (PII) is sent to the network as all data goes through an anonymization process.

The firewall protection part of the SharkGate Plugin is subscription-based service, paid monthly. The same model is also applied to the use of 3rd party “Extensions”.

Download Whitepaper

There is no denying there is a desperate need for a new way to protect sites from hackers. Think about how Google transformed the search economy. Think about how Uber and Airbnb transformed their sectors. SharkGate is now doing the same for website cybersecurity. Further information about the existing crisis and our solution to the problem can be found in our whitepaper.


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