“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”

SharkGate shifts cyber protection to a situation where an attack on one site enables a global immunity to be immediately developed to protect all sites in the network from similar attacks. In addition to owners benefiting from having an infection-free website, they will also be incentivized by a tokenomics model to contribute value in terms of witnessed attack data to the distributed network.

SharkGate Firewall & Plugin

The SharkGate Plugin is powered by SharkNet using the collective intelligence of the SharkGate
AI (“Deep Sea”) and the SharkGate Website Threat Defense Database (“WTDD”). From the moment it is first installed it provides a website with a very high level of hacker protection and then continually grows smarter and better at protecting against attacks as more traffic is analyzed.

SharkGate’s AI (“Deep Sea”)

Coordinates the memory of each attack encountered on any site worldwide and thus enables any site to mount a strong response if the attack is attempted again. Using techniques based on the human immune system it creates ‘adaptive’ rules that evolve as an adaptation to threats received and prepares for future similar, but yet unseen, attacks.

Website Threat Defense Database (“WTDD”)

The Website Threat Defense Database (WTDD) is a cybersecurity threat intelligence store. It becomes more intelligent and robust with each website that joins the network and as more threat data providers join the ecosystem. We expect the WTDD to eventually become the world’s largest repository of threat intelligence for the security of websites.

World’s largest threat intelligence feed

At SharkGate we have been cleaning websites from malware, with our OneHourSiteFix service, and have been protecting business websites worldwide for over 8 years. This experience puts us in an ideal situation to stand back and assess the cybersecurity arena.

Security vendors are hoarding the threat data they receive from protecting websites, website owners receive no incentives to aid the whole and in general, all security firms are losing the battle against the hackers.

SharkGate is creating one of the World’s largest threat intelligence feeds. An AI-powered Cyber Security solution designed with websites working together in mutual self-interest to fight back against the hackers. SharkGate is taking a new approach that will change website security as the industry knows it and make the next generation of cyber protection available to all websites worldwide.